Settle Down and Be Still

Settle Down to Wellness

Chainsaw wonders

Chainsaw wonders

The best thing you can do for yourself is to settle down.

In your stillness you will begin to see that it is all about living for today. Forget about the past, or at least put it to the side, and move on. Forget also the future, because it will unfold as it should no matter how you may try to manipulate it.

Make your concentration on the present moment. What can you do in this moment in time, right now is all that you have.

Until our truly believe that this moment is the only one, you will struggle with life.

Begin today

Ask yourself, ” What can I do right now to make my life better”?

“Is there someone I can help right now that may need a hand?”

“Is there something that I have been struggling with that I can put to the side in the back corner of my mind so that I will find peace in life?”


I wonder how people do it. Perhaps when you look at this crafter in this picture, you will wonder how he keeps his focus with all the noise of the chainsaw. But he does, and he is in the moment creating something beautiful.

Make your moments creative, without distraction. And even if there is some distraction, get back to your moment in time. The one where you settle down and are still.


Learn how to settle down through meditation. Begin by slowing down your breath, and just breathe slowly, in and out a few times, and then just settle down and sit cross legged, with your eyes closed. Do this for just a moment in time.

In the moment, right now.