Healthy and Well as You Age

There are so many reasons to stay healthy and well as you age.

Physical Wellness

Keeping yourself fit and trim can help with so many difficulties, especially the inflammatory ones like arthritis. People who just walk moderately have less difficulties with joint pain and arthritis later in life.

Taking a walk at the fair. You can get some healthy things. Frozen bananas!

Taking a walk at the fair. You can get some healthy things. Frozen bananas!

And the cardiovascular effects of moderate exercise can keep your heart in check. You need to move to the groove!

Mental Wellness
Getting out there and getting into shape can help with your mental health too.

People who take care of themselves through daily exercise have less trouble with sleep, depression and can handle stress better than people who are couch potatoes.

Weight Control Can help with Diabetes
Other benefits include keeping your weight at a normal range through exercise, thus preventing such ailments as diabetes. And yes, it is all about what you eat. As you age it becomes more and more important to be aware of portion control. Your metabolism does slow down, so you may need to exercise more to combat any extra treats that you have.

Spiritual Wellness

Do not forget your spiritual side of life.

Take in all the wonders of nature as you walk down your street. Feel, see, smell nature in the different seasons. At the end of August, you can begin to feel and smell the fall air. The pleasantness of autumn is near. Think about the wonders of all the colors in your nature walk. Watch the birds as they gracefully sway and swing in the air, having a wondrous time. Become part of nature yourself. Feel like a blade of grass, softly swaying and moving with the breeze.


Aging does not have to be a down hill battle. You can prevent many different types of diseases by eating healthier and adding exercise to your life. Take someone along your path toward wellness. There is a greater chance that you will stick to it if you can enlist someone who may also need a self improvement goal in their lives!

So get out there and be a healthy older person who takes pride in staying healthy and well.