What Energizes You ?

With all the talent, going to the fair can be very energizing.

With all the talent, going to the fair can be very energizing.


When it comes to energy, and where it is, you usually don’t think about how you are energy to be tapped into?
In his book on Yin Yoga, author Bernie Clark speaks on how yoga can bring about energies in your body to be tapped into, every time that you move in and out of asanas and every single time you make a movement.


This bioelectricity can help to save our bones because every time we move, it stresses our bones, and this is good for us, especially weight bearing exercise such as walking.

Bernie speaks on  piezoelectricity energies which can affect us in many ways.

You are like those children’s shoes that many  love.

Every time they walk, the energy from their bodies, lights up the shoes!
Our bodies are like liquid crystals, and even very small movements such as in the stillness of a yoga pose as you are try to get into it a little deeper, can energize your body.

And you can make big changes in how you feel just with some micro movements.
Tapping, self-massage and even slapping our bodies causes these energies to move about.
There is much research done on how yoga and massage can have a positive effect on our bodies and our health.

Take time today to notice how you feel about your body and the way it moves. Be aware that you can tap into some extra energy for your slow days when you may need something extra. Tap, self-massage, stay in a yoga pose a little longer than usual, and see how it feels to you.


Taken in part from: Clark, B. (2011) The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga.  Ashland, Oregon. White Cloud Press