A Prize Every time


A Prize Every time you play!

What is your prize for a job well done?

What is your prize for a job well done?

I was thinking that maybe I would be more motivated to make  changes if there was a prize every time  I did something good!

At a carnival, they get you in by telling you that you will win a prize if you just try. Some jobs are like that. You think it is a good opportunity, and then you find out that there are many hoops to go through, or balloons to break!

On Life, and its Ups and Downs

Life is sort of that way too. You struggle, try again, and finally after many attempts you may gain a skill or get a reward for a job well done.

Do you look for prizes for your accomplishments?

You should, they may motivate you to move onto the next step in your career path, or your own business adventures! Do you look for opportunities?

More On Relationships

What are the prizes that we get from loved ones?

Some flowers unexpectedly? Relationships need tending too. Maybe it is time to give an unexpected gift to someone.

Your Mental Wellness Needs A Prize too!

Is your mental wellness dependent on your ability to stay strong, ride the wave and buck up when you really do not want to.


Motivation has to come from somewhere. There is an intrinsic ( deep inside of you) meaning to your health and overall wellness. And of course extrinsic ( outside of you) meanings such as you may see that you need to exercise or lose weight, and your doctor tells you that you better start taking care of yourself.

You may need  to begin thinking good things about yourself and the people around you. Motivate yourself today to make some good changes so that you can give yourself a prize.