My Spirit Soars like the Wind

My spirit soars like the wind on a warm soothing day in the sun. The wind helps to cool down the temperature a bit and that is why you can stand being out there in it, even on very warm days.

Did you ever notice that if there is just a slight breeze, it feels cooler. Is that spirit?

The spirit inside of our being can be as wonderful  as nature itself.


Whether it is still or windy, the glow of green in nature can soothe us

Whether it is still or windy, the glow of green in nature can soothe us

Finding your Spirit Find your spirit because when you do, you can begin to stay in touch with your inner soul.

My spirit can be tapped into at any given moment. It helps me when I am challenged, especially when sadness or anger seeps into my mind.

When you find your spirit, you will be glad that you have it available for times when you need that attitude adjustment.

It is so important to be a positive influence on yourself and others. This spirituality gathers you together too. You are like glue. Things stick to you when you are close with others. Begin to be an influence that is positive and hopeful. When you find some stillness, you can pass it along to others.


You can soothe yourself through some relaxation: A Relaxation Practice for Your Health and Wellness

The ability to relax at any given moment is a skill you need to practice. Turning off the daily events can be a struggle.

Here is a healing progressive relaxation model to follow taken in part from Linda Christy Weiler in her book Mind-Body Connection. She is the author of many yoga and meditation resources.

Before you lie down, put yourself into a softer state by taking some deep ocean breaths. These are breathing techniques that help you — breathe in for the count of 5 (slowly) and then breath out for the count of 7 in order to get all the toxins out of your body.


Lie down is Savastana ( dead man’s pose) and get comfortable on a mat or carpet. Arms are next to you at your side and palms are up. You feel are spread apart slightly and the point out. Your eyes are closed.

Start with your feet. Feel your toes and the bones of your feet begin to relax. Feel this relaxation come up and around your ankles circling around softly. Your feet are relaxed.

Now the relaxation comes up and around your calf muscles and shins. Feel this softness and warmth.

Now the relaxation moves slowly up your legs into your thighs. Circling up and around on the sides and back of your thighs. Now they are completely relaxed and heavy.

The softness of relaxation enters your hips and buttocks, filling the pelvic area with this warm, wonder. The relaxation now enters your waist and deep into your abdominal muscles. Take a slow breath here and feel your abdominals rise and fall slowly, you are warm and relaxed. Experience the comfort, the warmth and the stillness. Now the abdominal organs are completely relaxed and at rest.

The relaxation flows around into your back. Your whole torso is relaxed and at rest. Your back begins to press against the floor and melts into the ground and it releases all tension.

The relaxation moves up your back into your shoulders and upper chest. The shoulders let go and release. You are warm and comfortable and at rest.

Now the relaxation flows into your arms, upper arms, outer arms relax. Your elbows, forearms, wrists and hands are no longer clenched or busy, They are warm and relaxed on the floor, feeling heavy and calm.

Now the relaxation moves into your neck. The back of your neck is soft and warm as it relaxes toward the floor. The front of your neck releases and your throat releases as your chin and jaw let go. Feel your cheeks and tongue as they relax, allowing your lips to separate slightly as they also relax.

The relaxation moves into your eyes. Your eyeballs sink back and eyelids close. This flow moves into your temples and across your forehead, loosening your scalp as your ears fall back gently. Your entire scalp is resting and heavy.

Your whole body is resting and sinking like a stone into the ground, warm and heavy. It is a good feeling, the feeling of letting go.

Weiler, LC.  (2001). The Mind-Body Connection.  First Ed. Printed in the United States.