No Regrets

You have come so very far in your life.

You have been through many struggles, you deserve to be happy and content.

Do not have regrets about your life.

Everything that you have done so far is part of living life; there will always be good and bad. And as sure as the night and day, Yin and Yang, black and white, things will balance themselves.

Mistakes and Learning

Even the mistakes you have made are part of a learning process. If you did not make mistakes you would not learn. You need to practice many times in life.

I remember times when I felt depressed because I thought ” If only….” If only I had done it differently, If only I did not stay in that bad relationship so long…

Whatever your “if only” is, have no regrets. Everything is all about practice, and living life as best as you can.

All of these things in life are part of  your learning curve.

Sometimes you have to do things in a difficult way with a struggle and some tears.

The long way is not necessarily the wrong way. It takes some of us a very long time to learn lessons, but then we learn them very well because we can think back on them, and say, ” I have tried this over and over again, soon I will get it right!”

Begin to Write Things Down

Sometimes I write down my thoughts on paper, and this helps me to sort things out for myself.  Most people don’t even write anymore. They fidget on their I pads or just start tying on their word document like I am doing right now.

Why don’t you practice more by writing some things down and then looking back on your thoughts to see where you are at. My stories always turn out better when I can look back at some notes that I made.

Begin to Believe

Follow your instinct when it comes to you

Follow your instinct when it comes to you


Make today the day that you begin to believe. Believe that the world is a wondrous place.

Begin to believe that you have a direct responsibility to yourself to make every single moment in your life a good experience.

Start with doing something wonderful for someone else.

It can be a simple gesture like a smile for someone you don’t know.

It can be a small gift to someone you do know.

Whatever it is, begin to believe that you are part of something greater than you.

Grief and Losses

In the end when you look back at the things that you wanted to do, have no regrets. You may go through many losses in your lifetime, and it is not always about death and dying.

The loss of a job, career,  relationship, your physical health, the process of aging; these losses can be just as hard to handle as the death of a loved one.


Have no regrets when it comes to love. Love strongly. Keep those people you love within your reach.

Take life as it comes to you, and be as happy as you can be.