Conquer your adversity

Go on with your life as it should be, and beyond the adversity that others may put in front of you, stand up straight and tall.


Touch nature on your way to enlightenment.

Touch nature on your way to enlightenment.


May your days on this Earth be as pleasant as you want them to be.

You worked hard  at fighting off the negative thoughts,  you helped others who needed it, and you  kept a stiff upper lip when your eyes filled with tears. This is your conquering moment! You will meet up with a lot of adversity in your lifetime, do no allow yourself to falter. Stand strong like a tree, but be flexible like the tree branches, swaying with the good and bad times.

Your happiness is dependent on you
Sometimes you may feel like others are making you unhappy.

This is not true. You are as happy as you want to be.
Your happiness and contentment depend on how well you can conquer the adverse things that happen to you, and how well you come out of it. Do not drown in a sea of discontentment. Be happy.
Yes, sometimes bad things do happen. There will always be good, bad and ugly things that happen to you and others.
That is why you have to take pleasure in the good things that happen, and stay strong when the not so good happens, and it will.
Push through, and no matter what, remember that this too shall pass as all things do, and even with all the confusion in life, it is still a beautiful world we live in.

Stay on the path of your own enlightenment. You can be your own shining star. Let yourself glow with your smile, and do not forget to encourage others on their path to becoming a star.

When we help others, we are helping ourselves to become strong, flexible and loving.