Settle Down to a Mindful and Meaningful Moment

Just watching.

Just watching.

Becoming a good meditator

I have been trying for years to learn how to be a good meditator. I tried different avenues. Mindful meditations seems to be best for me. This is where you settle down, and when a thought comes into your view, you dismiss it,  you do not think about it any further, just let it go to the wind!

For me this sounds like a good concept with instruction on what to do, but I cannot do it.

The Breath

My closest meditative ways are with the breath. Breathing in and out slowly with the out breath being longer. This settles me down and allows me to feel relaxed, but it really is not meditative.

It is a form of relaxation that helps me to center and balance myself when I feel like I am struggling with life in the fast lane!


When I teach yoga, I always tell my students, it is all about where YOU are at.

Not what others are doing. Not how “Judy” can do downward facing dog better than I can, or how “Jane” is an expert at Warrior 3!   I believe that I have to take my own advice and be wherever I am today, in the moment. It is not about competitive moments that make you feel good. It is about you and how you feel in your mind, body and soul of living.

My Walking Meditation

The best way for my meditative practice for me has been  a meditative walk. I walk, gaze at the beauty around me, and forget about all of my troubles! I become one with the Earth, feeling strong and stable as I walk along, feeling free and in love with the moment.

What is your best way to settle down and just be in the moment?