What to do that is meaningful?

The wonders of nature. Hopefully future generations will get to see the beauty of nature as I have.

The wonders of nature. Hopefully future generations will get to see the beauty of nature as I have.




More meaning in your life

I have been searching, especially since I retired, for more meaning in my life.

When you think about it, after 40 your life is half over, so where are you right now? There are a lot of 40 year olds walking around not even wondering yet.

I guess you have to be closer to 60 when you begin to gather your thoughts and realize that life could be coming to a close before you know it.

Have you noticed that this could be your last decade?

Some of us only live to be 70. I believe that 72 is the national average for men and 78 for women. So if you are already beating the odds because you are past this age, where are you going now?

I just want to leave my mark in life. Something that people remember me for. Right now, it may be this blog. If you are reading this, you may read it long after I pass! And that is a good thing because that is something that I want. I want people to be informed and aware that they better start to make some plans in life that make sense of it all!

My plans:

1. Volunteering for a cause ( already started this one with helping in mental health )

2. Helping out with the grandchildren. It is important to help with future generations. I may also want to help with other youth.

3. Helping the environment. I already recycle and encourage others to do the same. We need to leave our world a better place to be, so recycle every thing that you can.

4. Volunteering to help servicemen and women with trauma from the war. This one is an ongoing plan of mine. I have been trying to connect with someone who can help me get some of my post traumatic stress disorder resources out there for those who may benefit.

5. Clean up the healthcare system. This one is big. I am starting to find that our public services in both physical and mental health are not that great. The quality is going down as the price is going up.  I need a good goal plan on this one, it is big!

Create some of your own goals to make life more meaningful, you never know how long you will be around.