Garden Thoughts

Just watching the busy farmer.

Just watching the busy farmer.



What is your Focus right now?

Garden thoughts are what you think about when you focus on the positive. The garden of your mind can be a wonderful place to visit.


The Outdoor Garden
I believe that being outdoors is the most anti-depressive thing you can do. When you are out there, your thoughts cannot sway into the negative because our world is such a beautiful place to be. Even when it is not sunny,  there are so many wonders to gaze at. And even when it is dark or cold, there is light!

Being in the moment of Life
Be in the moment and just go out right now. Weather does not matter, garden thoughts are there throughout every season. Changing seasons are like your changes. You may need to make some changes right now in how you feel about yourself. Start with you, and find ways to help yourself stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Watch and Learn

Learn about what is important in your daily gazing of nature. The simple things in life are so helpful at letting us know we can have less stress in our lives.

Settle down and listen to the birds in the sky talking to each other and having a good time. Have some fun, run through a sprinkler to cool down, visit someone who you can cheer up. Have them take a walk with you.

Slow Down

Slow down your life a bit.

Not too much, but enough so that you do not miss the great things in life like the smell of a pine tree as you pass it by, or getting caught in the rain, and not caring about getting wet.

Slow it down and find wonders in everything that you see on your path in life. When you find wonder in everything around you, you can smile and feel good inside and out.


At the break of dawn it may be dark but the sun is beginning to peek through the clouds of life.

At the break of dawn it may be dark but the sun is beginning to peek through the clouds of life.