My Comfort


 Finding Comfort

I find true comfort in growing herbs

I find true comfort in growing herbs


I keep trying to find ways to stay in my comfort mode. I decided 4 years ago when I retired that only comfort and love will come into my life. This is becoming harder at times, because I find that I have to end some things before I would have earlier in my life.

Relationship Comfort

Relationships always come up when you are talking about finding your comfort level. Where are your relationships going? Are they sound, just okay or rocky?

I would not be inclined to pass judgment on anyone who stays in the rocks!

I have been there for longer than I think I should have stayed. Sometimes you stay because you do not have a plan for anything else in life presently. Start planning if you are unhappy in your current situation. Do not rush in or out. Just plan on your next adventures. Have dreams.

Spiritual Comfort

Touching nature and all the greens!

Touching nature and all the greens!

A spiritual feeling is what you need to look at when finding internal comfort in your life. Your spirit is in nature. Plan on  meditative walks and internal moments such as breathing deeply and trying yoga or other spiritual guides.

Yoga allows you to explore your internal being

Who or what really helps you to feel good inside? What makes you feel warm, planted, centered and in balance.?

Is it where you are, right now, in the present moment? If not, explore and change.

Your Smile and Internal Positive Moments

Right now you can change the moment into a more pleasant one just by putting a smile on your face, even if you do not want to.

What really matters to you?

The here and now of things in life like the smell of fresh flowers after a morning rain. Make it a wonder to find peace within yourself in different ways. Do something you have not done before.