Becoming Enlightened

Blooms in your Life
Thee are so many reasons to bloom in your life. Like the lotus flower that grows in muddy waters, we too may need to conquer adversity before we have peace in our lives.

The true meaning of the Lotus flower is purification of mind body, and spirit. At, there is an article entitled: The Meaning of the Lotus Flower in Buddhism.

From muddy waters, the Lotus blooms. You can also bloom in full color. You may need to take a long path toward being enlightened but you can get there.

Color and Enlightenment

The color of the Lotus Flower can bring meaning to your spiritual path.

White flowers refer to purity of mind and spirit.

A red flower represents compassion and love.

The blue lotus refers to common sense, using wisdom and logic to create enlightenment in your life.

A pink lotus  represents the history of Buddha and legends. And the gold lotus represents all achievement of all enlightenment!

When you are enlightened, you will know. This path brings purity of mind, body and spirit.

Enlightened people have a sound attitude about life. They know that they are blessed each day as they rise and take their first breath.

Breathe enlightening ways into your life starting today.

Being enlightened means getting in touch with your inner soul..

Being enlightened means getting in touch with your inner soul..