I planted a tree


Stay in the moment and enjoy life

Holly seems to be a forever plant. My garden flourishes from the shiny holly.

Holly seems to be a forever plant. My garden flourishes from the shiny holly.

I have been around sadness, disharmony but also hope and understanding.

The memories of past events in life come full circle every so often.

A few years back a good friend who had told me she did not have a green thumb handed me a small holly bush and said, ” Can you take care of this for me, I always kill the plants that I try so hard to take care of.”

So I planted the small  bush near my porch, watered it and watched it grow.

At first it was a small , and it  bloomed some berries in the fall as holly bushes do.

But today, it has blossomed into a full bush with a large trunk as if it is becoming a tree! It is thick, taking up a lot of space, and I had to trim it for the first time this spring.


My Holly

I am so amazed by my holly bush. I wanted to tell my friend how great the holly looks, but she passed on a few months after  I planted the holly.

Never got to tell her about the  wonderful and beautifully green holly,  but the positive thing about the bush is that all I think about when I look at it is Kim.

She was a wonderful person, full of vigor for life. She has passed to me a bright shiny plant just like she was. She glowed because she smiled a lot, and she took time to find out just how you were doing every time you saw her.

She always wanted to know how life was going for you. Kim is still here.

The holly bush is my sign. It is full of bright shiny greens, full of life and vigor, and in the fall it blooms bright red berries.