What Are Your Expectations of Yourself?



Learning how to take some “me” time~

Sunshiny colors can pick up your mood.

Do you like to be creative? Creating pictures can be a great stress reducer.




What you believe about yourself is very important because you become what you believe.

I have very high expectations of myself. I feel that life has been good to me. I am in very good health. I eat right, exercise and make sure that I find ways to keep my stress level intact.

I have developed some good habits such as exercising more than I used to, and I practice yoga for stress.


Do some prevention work so that your life will be better

My bad lifestyle took many years to catch up with me.

I thought I could go along in a stressful job without consequences, but I got some. The first consequence was my marriage. It had many difficulties which led to divorce.

The second consequence was losing my supervisor job. I got demoted. I don’t talk about that much because in hindsight I could have made some changes earlier that may have prevented some of the bad things that happened in my life.

I  also had  high cholesterol, was overweight and had high blood pressure. I truly believe that if I had continued on that path, I would not be here right now writing this blog post. I retired early and vowed to make the changes I needed to get myself healthy.

What changes do you need to make?

If you have changes to make, you better start right now. Do not wait until they slap you in the face in the form of a stroke or heart attack.

Believe in yourself, and believe that you are worth fighting for. Make those changes that you have been exploring. Find ways to improve your health and wellness.


Have high expectations about yourself. You are a good person who deserves the best! Take your “me time” right now, and explore what you can do to make things better in your life.

Today, I only do things that make me feel good about myself. I help out with my family whenever they ask- and even when they don’t ask!


Accept that every day you are aging and moving toward some decline. It does not have to be fast. Keep up with strength training, yoga, stress reduction, relaxation. Take a vacation, or just get away for a few days to help with your “me” time.