What are you doing to move your life forward?


Walk along near some water and feel the peace and calm

Walk along near some water and feel the peace and calm

Helping yourself  first and then you can help others

There are so very many self-help concepts out there to teach you how to be better, and when you are done reading them, do you do anything about your goals that are still on that pad?

I read and read, trying to figure out what is right for me. And then I begin. I just do something different and see how it feels.

It is  great being retired because I can dabble in a lot of different avenues. This month I went back to crafting. I always seem to go back to that! Have not done it in a long time, but the timing felt right. I love manipulating things with my hands, and wire art has been a good stress reliever for me. So I get the dual effect of creating something beautiful and decreasing my stress.


Is it time for you to focus on what you need to do with your life?

Maybe you know exactly what your needs are, and maybe not.

Do you feel the need to make some changes?

Do you need some healthy living changes such as losing weight or exercising more?

Begin by doing something today that is new and different. Challenge yourself to get out there and live like it is your last day on this Earth.

It is  true that  you only have a fixed amount of days left,  and you need to focus because life can be short,  and  no one knows how short!

Ideas: Where do they come from?

Where do planners get their ideas on helping with a project?

People get their ideas to make changes from many sources. No one really invents,  inventions are  improvements to something that needs some tweaking.

Get out there and improve something that you have a skill for.  Sitting down and planning with a group of people with liked minds could be a good first step. Inventions are everywhere on television. They have idea hours on TV where people show up with their inventions.  Most of them are not alone. They bring their champions with them. That could be you!

Begin to make some plans on your favorite project that you can work on every day.

Enlist others, and have a session on what you believe needs to be done or improved upon.

Helping with Causes that can change the world: Moving your life forward

Be honest with yourself and what you can do about causes. Someone may have good intention without the knowledge of how the system works. My favorite cause has been helping unfortunate people who are stigmatized. I believe there are many people discriminated against in our world. We have to find a way to stop that.

And we need the entire community to pitch in with causes that need hard work and dedication.