Finding Out About Yourself

Where is your path in life going? What kinds of creative things do you nurture in your life?

Where is your path in life going? What kinds of creative things do you nurture in your life?



There are so many questions to ask of yourself.

What are your needs today?

Tomorrow is another day, and needs and desires may change, but what are you looking for, or who is looking for you?

Writing things down helps, but progress toward a long term goal may seem like forever if your desire is very strong, or you seem to be pulled in different directions.




Following Your Path

Whatever you need, or whoever needs you will be following you  for the rest of your life in your mind, body and spirit.

Some of your tasks may seem obvious to you, while others may not even come to your mind’s eye until later in life. I truly believe in doing. Don’t just sit around waiting for your ship to come in! Do some active things that you enjoy, and try your best to educate yourself in a variety of directions so that you can expand yourself later in life.

Helping Others and Helping Yourself

My favorite thing in life is helping. I try to help everyone who comes into my life.

Of course my children rest on the top of this list, but in this pyramid, I believe that I have touched the lives  of many souls. That is one of my goals. To be able to touch someone’s life and give them something that they may have never been able to do without my help.

Helping Yourself

But don’t forget about yourself. If you become a person who feels good every time you help someone else, don’t forget about you. You need to feel good too!

Your needs are so very important to your ability to help others. You have to find yourself, fuel yourself with good thoughts, and constantly feed your mind with new and innovative ideas and creations.

Increasing your skills will increase your creativity

My mind is constantly asking for more skills. I learn by reading and then I tell others about new and creative ideas. I also physically create things from ideas that just pop into my head, or something I have seen or read about.

They seem to come out of somewhere deep in my mind.  But remember that the creative mind can be practiced. You need to begin. Not everyone who creates is naturally creative and innovative.  It is a talent that develops over the years. So whatever you learn, share that too, so that others can reap the benefits of learning something new.

Creating is like medicine for the soul.