On Being More Positive

Grow Something

If you want to be more positive, grow something!

Growing flowers or a veggie garden can really improve your overall mind, body and spirit!

You begin to love the outdoors and the smell of the dew in the morning as you tend to your planting.

The weeding is a bit difficult, but it is also great exercise. I sweat more gardening than I do riding my bike!

Flowers and their energizing ways

Flowers and their energizing ways

Staying there, on the positive side of life

I know that it is difficult but you have to try to be more in touch with your positive side.

Maybe it is easier to swim in the sea of negativity because you have to work really hard to stay positive and motivated about life.

Moving forward
You only live once, maybe today is the day that you move forward and really try to rid yourself of some of your trash!
Some suggestions include being nice to people you don’t know.

I find that it is not too much of a struggle to be nice.

Everywhere there are people that you do not know to practice on.

You are in line in a grocery store, the person cashing you out seems to be struggling with the cash register.

Instead of becoming inpatient, try smiling and telling the person that you are not in a hurry.

I do this all the time, and I allow the person to take their time. This is the first step toward a new friend. Now they like you because you were nice to them.

Even if you visit the supermarket often, and you know which cashiers are faster, pick the slower one once in awhile! So what if you have to wait. Where are you going? Why are you always in such a hurry?
Why are we always so impatient with living life?

Slow down to smell the roses. Remind yourself that you are here on this Earth to bring positive moments to others.
Guide yourself toward meaningful happenings in life that make you feel good. Ride a bike, take a walk with a friend. Make it a long walk, and do not rush so that you can talk.