What is in your Future? Do you have some goals?

When I see all the budding on the trees I begin to think that it is time for me to make some changes too!

When I see all the budding on the trees I begin to think that it is time for me to make some changes too!



Everything these days seems to move toward what your goals are.

We have goals for career, money, health and wellness.

In order to plant the seed of losing and keeping weight at bay, you must realize that it is a fragile skill when it comes to not only taking it off but maintaining it for the rest of your life. That is the real deal!

Because of this long term goal plan, you must begin to think about your planning in a sense of a life long commitment, therefore, a healthy living goal or lifestyle change that is long lasting. That is why diets don’t work. And the word diet has the word “die” right in it! That says it all!


Your plan? Three simple steps

1. Portion Control. This one is so very important. You need to measure everything. Only a half cup of grains and pasta. A piece of meat, the size of a deck of cards. Some cheese? The size of a few dominos!

Portion control is the main reason that most people’s lifestyle change does not work. We think we are only eating one portion, but we just ate 4!

2. Daily exercise. Don’t go with the 3 days a week routine. If you exercise by doing something every single day of your life, you will not have to remember when you did it last! And find something that you like so that you keep on doing it.

3.  Limit Eating Out: Eating most of your meals at home so that you know exactly what you are eating and how much.

I only eat out once a week. It is special, and I always remember that they are going to give me at least 2 portions, sometimes more, so I ask for a doggy bag early, before I get to thinking about just one more bite!

Changing your not so good habits into good ones. How can you change yourself?

You have to start thinking about your plan of action. Especially related to sticking to the program. You have to stay on the plan for at least 3 months to have any bad habits disappear to be replaced with good habits such as taking a daily walk, or loving baby carrots.