Planting a garden

Look at these dancing trees swaying in the breeze of life.

Look at these dancing trees swaying in the breeze of life.


Brighten up your life

This is the time of year for brightening up you life through growing strong and confident.

I believe that gardening helps me to grow in mind, body and spirit.

And it does not always have to work out too well. Sometimes my garden efforts do not reap what I think I have put into them, and then when I really think about it, it is probably because I did not put enough time and effort into my planting.



Remembering how much work you have to put into your goals

Just like life in general, you reap what you sow.

I believe that applying yourself and finding ways to be as confident as you can about yourself  can bring about some good things in your life. You may need to practice staying on the positive side of living. It takes much effort, thought and even some focus on what your say and do.

It may take longer that you want it to, so hang in there with your sowing because eventually hard work, planning, planting and tending help to get you where you want to go in life.

Life is like a giant circle. You go around and around, and there you are in the same place. But are you really in the same place or have you grown through the experiences that you have created in your life?

I believe that when we keep growing, loving and tending for ourselves and others, our seeds are planted and grow forever.

Grow strong and flexible like a tree. All trees can bend and sway with the passage of time. They live a very long time because they are so very strong. Be strong in your efforts at life’s difficulties and manage to stay on the positive side of life most of your days.