Stress: Maybe you should stand still and strong

Find a pleasant place to just be for this moment in time.

Find a pleasant place to just be for this moment in time.


If your difficulties in life are stress related, you should try some Yin Yoga poses and some mindfulness meditating.
When you practice Yin yoga, you stay in the poses for 3-5 minutes, thus creating a form of meditation.
Each pose can move with grace into another pose and you again stand or sit still and strong.
Meditation  can bring you to this strong and balanced state, but when you bring a yoga asana (pose) into the mix, you are also strengthening yourself while you learn to meditate.
Being Mindful
Remember that mindfulness meditating helps to clear the mind so that the stress subsides and you can breathe with comfort.

Breathe in for the count of 5 and out for the count of 7
Adding a yoga breath to the mix with extended exhales where you concentrate on making the exhale longer than the inhale can also allow you to rid your body of toxins.
Sweating can also help. When you sweat in your yoga asanas because you have worked hard, the flow of energy moves through you, and a flow of toxins leaves your body.
The mindful person stays still and strong, allowing the thoughts to come into mind’s eye but leave quickly and without much notice. Become mindful in all of your activities including eating. Being mindful of eating helps you to slow down and truly taste your food. You chew slowly and begin to know what food is all about. The texture and color come alive when you are mindful.

Picking your pose

I enjoy meditating in a butterfly pose. It stretches and strengthens my lower back while I quietly sit and just be. Child’s pose is another enjoyable place to stay when you are ready for a meditative place. Find your place in a pose and learn how to decrease your stress for the day.

Feeling your body

Begin to notice what you are feeling inside as you are still. What are your feelings? What emotions come up for you when you are still and strong?

Finding your Soul

When you go inward to find yourself, stay on a positive note and feel your spirit smile as you begin to feel good inside. Find some soothing music to touch your soul. Find the perfect sound that takes you deeper into your inner self.



Taken in part from: Clark, B. ( 2011) The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga. The Philosophy and Practice of Yin yoga.  Forward by Sarah Powers. Ashland, Oregon. White Cloud Press.