Fragile Relationships

Water scenes always help me to be centered and grounded to the Earth, allowing for a calm, peaceful moment in time.

Water scenes always help me to be centered and grounded to the Earth, allowing for a calm, peaceful moment in time.



Finding your peacefulness in life

In relationships we all seem to have our difficulties.

Not just the romantic ones, all relationships need tending and love. You cannot expect everyone to think the same way that you do, so you have to be careful about what you say to others at all times. All relationships are tender and sometimes ever so fragile that words can damage them.

Taking care in what you say and what you do

For your dark side. The side of you that you wish did not come out to greet others. Yes, that side must be quelled at times due to its negativity, and at times evil thoughts and behaviors.

Trying to tame your inner dark side is a skill that you will have to work on your entire life. But don’t be disappointed if it pokes out to say hello to someone in a not so pleasant way, it is there because there has to be some balance. When you think of the yin and yang of everyday living. There is always good and bad. You will never be perfect no matter how hard you try, your dark side will come out every once in awhile.

Your goal is to know that your dark side is there so that you can catch it before you get into trouble with someone you care about.

Taming the anger 

The key may be learning how to tame it so that your anger, disappointment and dissolution do not surface too often. If the anger is too strong, you may need some help taming it with a therapist who can help you sort through what it is at the bottom of your dark side. You may deal better with things once you know such things as what triggers you to negativity or anger. Finding this inner being may be the first step toward the wellness of your spirit. Accepting is another area of life that many of us do not like to do. Sometimes you just have to accept the way things are, in the moment of life, and move on to just being yourself and living life as happy as you can.

Ways toward wellness in mind, body and spirit

My way to tame myself  is the use of alternative modalities such as tapping.

Tapping helps to not only wake up the energies in my body, it can also change my mood to a more pleasant one. I have a tapping routine that you can  find on Tapping is known for its ability to open all the energies in your body, causing you to wake up and smell the roses of life. Even doctors and nurses are taught a form of tapping. When you have your next exam, notice how your doctor or nurse may poke, tap and kneed your body. They are looking for ailments and different sounds that can mean illness or disease. And remember the word- dis- ease. Your ease in life is disturbed. It is as if calming and centering yourself can be a form of self- healing.

A Simple Tapping Routine

Tap 7 times in each of these areas. The top of your head, between your eyes, at your temples, under your nose, the crease of your chin, on your chest, both sides where a broach would go and under your arms both sides like a monkey. Then karate chop your hands and chop up and down each arm. It sounds like a lot of work, but when you are done, you feel calm in a sort of energized way!

Tapping routine, taken in part from