Standing Still

The weeping will stands strong. As it moves and sways in the wind, its beauty is always there for you.

The weeping willow  stands strong. As it moves and sways in the wind, its beauty is always there for you.


Life is like a circle


I was walking down a path this morning and came upon a circular trail in the path. You could go around it over and over again and be in the same place.

Usually when I try something new, I do it once and see how pleasant it is to do. But today, I circled it twice, and  thought about a third time! I said to myself, ” Everything is as it should be.  And when I circle past this spot again, I will be where I was before.”

If you think about it, you go to different places but it is all the same. You are standing strong no matter where you go. It is like standing in a yoga pose. You stay with the asana and try to clear your mind so that you are balancing and strengthening  yourself in mind, body and spirit.

Weathering the good and not so good times

When you look back, even some of the “not so good” times seem bearable now. They are just there in your past.

That is what life is all about. It is about you and how you weather the things that happen to you in life. Because there will always be good and bad things. And you will still be there standing still  and strong against whatever happens.

Life is like a circle. You pass by things over and over again. You accept what happens, you notice how you react to it, and you move on.

When you take a photo, it is  like  life standing still and strong for the moment.

You look at the picture later and reminisce on the time that you were standing still and strong in the pose of life.