In the Groove of Weight Loss and Maintenance

Looking at green is so good. The weeping willow hovers, swaying in the breeze.

Looking at green is so good. The weeping willow hovers, swaying in the breeze.



What is it that you need to do in order to keep up the momentum of weight loss and maintenance?
I find that I fall off the wagon at times, and then need to jump back on by making my list of the things that I may have forgotten about.

Whether you are a beginner, or a maintainer of weight, it can catch up with you! If you do not continue to “watch those calories,” they will show up on your thighs!




Some tips on Weight Loss and Maintenance
1. Eating slowly: When you eat mindfully, you are concentrating on your food, and taste of each bite.

You always sit down, never eating on the run, or standing, or in your car!
2. Watch your portions: When I slip up on my maintenance goal, it is usually about how much I am eating- not what I am eating. I tend to eat wholesome, whole foods, but at times I have to get the measuring cup out, and my theory? Never eat more than 1/2 cup of anything. And when you measure out that cup of pasta, even if you move up to the full cup, it is not a lot of pasta! That is why I try my best to fill up on some good foods such as veggies, especially the green ones such as spinach and fennel.

3. Exercise Daily: If you try to do something 3 days a week, before you know it you did it yesterday!! Oh yeah, I forgot, I did not do it yesterday, did I?

My theory is to do something every day of the week and then you will not procrastinate. And if you exercise every day, you do not have to work as hard every day. You can still step it up a bit a few days a week. For example, I may just walk on Mondays and Tuesdays, but on Wednesdays I run, on Thursdays I do yoga, on Fridays I ride my bike. There is evidence that “changing it up” is a good idea. You cannot do the same thing day after day and expect different results. So be creative.

4. Enlist others in your quest toward wellness and health: There must be someone who needs to lose weight that you know. They can become your cardio buddy who reminds you that it is time to exercise.

The more the merrier! Form a group where you get together and talk about how everyone is doing in their weight loss and maintenance efforts.