Yellow; The Color of Sunshine

Walking down the path every day of my life, taking in the yellow haze of springtime

Walking down the path every day of my life, taking in the yellow haze of springtime


Doesn’t it seem that when the weather changes for the better, our moods do too?

Well, I feel the same way about bright colors. Yellows and oranges make me feel like sunshine inside. I look at them and smile. It does not seem to matter where I look in the springtime because yellows, oranges and greens surround me!

In the spring, everything has a hew of yellow and green, making the landscape so very beautiful.

Yellow flowers are my favorite. They light up my day. There is nothing like some fresh flowers in your home. When you need a pick me up, the color yellow can make your day.

In the springtime there is a lot of yellow to see. I try to plan my daily walks early in the morning to see the beauty of flowers in bloom.

Wear Yellow

To brighten up my day, I wear yellow. Bright colors seem to take the blues away in my day. It is so therapeutic to bring color into your life. Bring the color yellow into your home through draperies and your walls. My sunny yellow kitchen sparkles in old fashioned yellow flowers dancing near my kitchen table.

My yellow dancing flowers.

My yellow dancing flowers.


Dancing Flowers

On days that are bright and sunny, I struggle to get my chores done so that I can get outdoors and play in the sunshine. Walking, thinking out loud and just gazing can help you to get centered and smiling even when there is not much sun for the day.

Animals know the cue of a sunny day.  Even indoor cats climb up on the window sill to feel the warm rays of the perfect day.