Just Smile

Prevention Medicine

Spring is in the air. Yellows, pinks and reds! Find yourself through colorful experiences.

Spring is in the air. Yellows, pinks and reds!
Find yourself through colorful experiences.

In your trip down prevention lane, smiling should be at the top.

What should you be doing in order to stay healthy and well in mind, body and spirit?

Prevent those diseases from happening to you
I believe that prevention medicine is not just about preventing physical diseases, it is also about preventing mental illness and the effects that emotional problems can have on physical and spiritual well-being.



What can help?
You should begin by taking a good look at Alternative Modalities and try out a few.

Thee are many complements to use in your search toward wholeness. Meditation, Yoga, Acupressure, Reflexology, Tapping are all techniques that can get you on the way toward a healthier you in mind, body and spirit.
Balanced, Centered and Grounded to the Earth
On Meditation: There is much literature on the benefits of meditating, and it is a routine that you can begin without spending any money. All you need is a comfortable and quiet place to be still for a few moments. You can start out with as little as 5-10 minutes and increase your meditation time as you practice. You can add things such as sounds or soft music to get your started. You can also practice with a friend who may need some soothing times in life.

What does meditation do for you?
Meditation can lower your blood pressure because it slows down your heart. It can also restore balance to your digestive system.
When you practice both meditation and yoga asanas (poses) you can relieve many ailments such as muscle tension, headaches and it can also help you to sleep better.
When you begin this type of practice you will benefit from decreased depression and anxiety.
So if you want to become more confident and sure of yourself, learning how to meditate can make you smile. Your anxiety will decrease and you will be smiling a lot.