Finding your Way

Every year in the spring, the most beautiful crabapple trees bloom. It always happens in the spring- and that never changes.

Every year in the spring, the most beautiful crab-apple trees bloom. It always happens in the spring- and that never changes.

Find your way through life and be happy

I would like to believe that I have found my way through life. I have gone through many stages that are good and bad, and the hardest one is where I am right now.

Moving into your older years is difficult because you still feel very young and able to accomplish many things. And I am doing it. I am living my dream by writing so that others know what to look forward to. You have to decide what is important to you, and in your later years, do a lot of that!

I decided that it is important to help others stay healthy and well, therefore, I am writing about how to do that. And I also show others the healthy way through speaking on the topic and working part time in a job where people need a lot of help with connecting their mind, body and soul.




What are you doing right now to make sure that you accomplish  your goals? What is your favorite?

As you age, you will find that perhaps you have not completed what you have set out to do.

You may not even know exactly what it is that you did not finish, and may search for many years. I have found that I know my direction, but do not know if I will complete what I have set out to do. We may all want to leave our mark on this Earth so that we are remembered by others.

Everyone I know tells me that I will be remembered by my laugh. I have even passed the laugh on to one of my daughters so I already know for sure that every time that she laughs ( after I am gone), someone will say, she laughs just like her mother. I know this one is true because yesterday a friend named Helen whom I have not seen in years told me that she lives near my daughter. She said she knew it was my daughter because she heard her laugh! It is amazing what you pass on to your children.


Pass it on and pay it forward

My nana passed her sneeze onto me. She always sneezed in threes, and I think of her every time that I have three sneezes. She also gave me money to buy a really good clock before she died. She said, “Make sure the clock is a good one because I want you to remember me long after I am gone.” I still have the clock, and it is still works well.

My Legacy

I guess my many paintings and other forms of art that I have completed will be passed forward to others. I only hope that people enjoy them as much as I have.

I still paint, so there will be many objects around when I am gone to the happy hunting ground!

I am also hoping to pass my almost daily blogging to one of my children. My fans would appreciate it. I believe that Anne Landers is still in existence so why not Body-Mind Health.

What is your legacy?