Does a Willow Weep?

The willow, so strong and flowing.

The willow, so strong and flowing.

It seems to me that there are less willow tress than there used to be.

They are a bothersome kind of  tree with a large root system and many people struggle with keeping them in their yards.

They hang over weeping on everything including the electrical wires.

Have we  invaded our land with too many houses and businesses, not leaving enough room for these beautiful trees?

Is that why our willows keep us puzzled? We want them for their beauty, but they are just too much of a bother to keep.

Our  deer seem to have no where to hide in our society either.


On Weeping

I guess I answered my question on willows, they do weep. When I weep, it is usually about something difficult that I struggle with although I have cried during good times like the birth of my children and grandchildren. What a wonderful view we have of this world. Through our eyes we can see the wonder of a strong tree such as a willow. Or the struggle of a bird taking its first flight.

What kind of animal would you be if you could come back to this Earth?

I believe that I would definitely be an Eagle. Strong in flight and able to soar in the sky seeing all the beauty and wonder of nature.

Stay strong in your flight on this Earth. Enjoy the beauty of nature through daily meditative walks. Find your center and balance for the day through some quiet time early in the morning, listening and seeing the birds gathered near your window of life.


Allow your mind, body and soul explore everything in life. They all work together giving you health and wellness. You just have to give each area some special time. Exercise your body, give your mind some time with a great book and explore nature to give your soul some time to just be.

Have a great relationship with yourself so that you can bring goodness and love to others.