Finding some Joy in your life

Look at the blue sky and feel the positive energy coming from the beauty of the day~

Look at the blue sky and feel the positive energy coming from the beauty of the day~

On Being More Positive

If you are trying to become a more positive person, start with some positive words. Joy, hope, love, gratitude, caring, should all be in your vocabulary on a daily basis.
Begin to live the way you feel inside.  Balanced, centered and living in the present, paying forward to others who are in need.

The Beauty of a Sunrise 

Next see everything in life as a blessing. The beauty of a sunrise, an intense wonderful blue sky, and the trees that rise so high, they seem to go on forever touching the heavens.

Look at the shape of trees, how they bend and sway as a small breeze captures them to bring you their glory.

Settle down in a meadow and watch the birds. They melody can bring you in touch with your inner being.

What are you grateful for?

Stay focused on what you have that you are grateful for; loving friends, caring people all surround you in your blissfulness of the day. Make every day special for someone else by bringing gifts.

It does not have to be a physical possession, it could be the gift of a smile or a pat on the back. The gift of kindness to someone who may be going through a difficult time in their life.


Joy will come to your life when you bring joy to the life of someone else. Today, find that person who needs some love and special care, and be the one who brings gifts.


Paying it Forward

Remember that when you have good fortune, you should pay it forward to others. Not just material possessions, good fortune may be your ability to physically help others because you are strong, or be the emotional connection to someone in need, or it may be a spiritual  or inspiring saying that you bring to the table at a friend’s home.