Doing Some Young Things

Growing old like the trees but still flexible and strong.

Growing old like the trees but still flexible and strong.

Taking Chances in Life

In my youth,  I took more chances in life.

Relationships were a bit stormy and intense, and now there is calm and peace.

My energy was strong in youth. I believed in peace and love, vowing to join the Peace Corp but never did.

( I still have not left my home, and have  lived in NY all my life!)

But I did take my causes in a different direction, helping with the mentally ill, teaching medical assistants, and today, helping others with ways to stay healthy and well.


My Youth

In youth, I took more chances with my physical being such as water and snow skiing. I rode a bike without care,  falling quite a   few times, and ending my bike fun when  a  friend rode it down some stairs near a beach, destroying  my prized Huffy!

It was not a very nice bike, but it got me places before I learned how to drive a car.

Today I do more of the passive exercise focusing on centering and balancing myself, but still ride a bike with a helmet and mirror to watch behind me.
The calm and peace is good for the older years, but everyone needs to do some challenging things, and “change it up” once in awhile.
It takes me about a year now to get bored of something.

When I was younger I knew that I had to put in so many years at a job to get a pension, so I worked toward that and stuck to it, putting in my 25 and realizing that now it is my time to breathe.

Breathing in new experiences and Breathing out old and worn out quests!
Today I can take more chances on things in general. That feels good, but some of my new challenges have become “old hat” already.

Young things to do
The next step is doing those young things in life that I used to do. I used to plan out how I was going to be a famous artist and author. I would draw, paint or write every single day.
When  I was 12,  I  entered a drawing contest and actually won. It was a radio station contest, WYRL, Whistle FM.


I won movie tickets to : Never a Dull Moment,  a Case of Sweeps Ginger Ale, a large box of candy bars,  and my picture was put up in the movie theater.

I definitely did not need the candy  because I was a pretty large child.  I remember it so clearly, as if it was yesterday!

Today I am doing the same thing!

I entered a writing contest. Did procrastinate on it for about a month, because I was trying to put my blog into print, and I was  able to complete most of the final draft with the help of a webmaster! It was a struggle, and it was not perfect, so I could lose my chances at being a contestant because I was not able to follow all the rules. But I said to myself, ” I have nothing to lose, it just does not matter if I am perfect, I have some good stuff to share!”

Not even sure why I want to write a book, but I think it is because I want to get something out there. Something that can help others before I die.

Are we looking to help ourselves in the things that we do?

I believe that helping others does help myself.

My entire life is about developing  self-help methods. That is all I read, and that is what I talk about in my writings.

My desire to help others goes way back to my childhood. I always wanted to be a nurse. Did not go to school for it right away, but it was always there, and I accomplished that.

I guess the self-help has carried on into my adulthood. I am always looking for a good cause to volunteer or work for. I try to blend my own meaningful moments into my causes.

I try to inspire others and motivate them to be successful in their goals.

Today it is the endless struggle people have with weight loss and maintenance that is my passion.

I have been on that bandwagon for many years, and still run groups and write many articles on the topic of how to stay healthy and well.

It seems like my own mental wellness depends on my ability to successfully help others.

Well, I guess I am doing some young things. And it has turned full circle. I am back where I started as a child.

What are some challenging things  you want to do?

Do you have a list of young things that you have not accomplished yet?