Soul Mates


I used to take a lot of walks with my soul mate, and then I found out that my soul mate is really myself. And now I walk alone.

I used to take a lot of walks with my soul mate, and then I found out that my soul mate is really myself. And now I walk alone.

Soul Mates

Are you dreaming when you think that you are supposed to be with your soul mate? Maybe.  But maybe not. Some people do meet the right person and stay with them for as long as they live. But just because you stay, it does not mean that you are happy to stay. If you have your soul mate; someone who is supposed to give you everything you need in a love relationship, then you will stay. If you find out after 25 years that they are not your soul mate- you may go. Soul mates are connected. They may even be empathic of the needs of their mate.


Many people believe in  the power of romantic love. This seems to draw people together.

But eventually, when the love seems to ebb, it may also draw the couple apart.

So many people who “fall in love,” fall out of love after awhile. It may take longer for some  to find out their mate is not their “soul mate.” but what is that anyway? Soulmateship is described by many an author as a deep, heart felt love. You feel the other person’s pain and love.

The Happy Ever After

Soul mates are people who are supposed to be with their partner the rest of their lives. The goal is to find that person, recognizing that they are your soul mate, and then live happily ever after?

If we teach our children that there is this person out there that is a perfect fit, maybe we are selling them short. Should people be more realistic about love and marriage? Maybe you have to learn to love the flaws, or at the very least, ignore the bad, and focus on all the good things about the person you are with?

Keep your Eyes Wide Open and Proceed with Caution

People should begin relationships with their eyes wide open. Knowing that romantic love will fade, and after that, there is a plan for continuing companionship, closeness and love. When the romance goes south, do we follow? Many of us do. We may begin to seek out a new person who will give us the romance back. This non-acceptance of changes in a relationship can lead to disaster because you would probably have to get a new partner every year, because I do not know anyone who has the romance after a year!

Love can also be different for each person. My interpretation of love is doing things for someone that you really would rather not, but you do it because you care. Love is also being there for your partner through the good, bad and ugly things in life. And there will be lots of ugly things.


Can you begin to accept the fact that your relationship will change, and move into a different level of love? Or will you begin to seek out others who can give you a spark back in life.


So if you really want to share your life with someone, do it with eyes open. Or begin to share your inner soul with your outer being. Finding yourself, and loving what you find.