In Between the Raindrops: Trying my best to Stay Healthy

Walking through the Raindrops of life

I love to walk, even on stormy days. The rain drops do not bother me. The only time I stop is if there is thunder!!

I love to walk, even on stormy days. The rain drops do not bother me. The only time I stop is if there is thunder!!

Every day is a good day!

I like to believe that I have mostly good days in my life. But in-between, there are some times when things are not that grand.

Finding meaningful things to do with my life has been a challenge, especially the last 4 years after I retired.

While working full-time, you do not have time to ponder on other things. Your job may be so overwhelming or just plain busy that you do not have time to think. You may just be too exhausted when you get home to do anything fun!

If this is you, you may need to spend some time contemplating on how to plan in some play time into your life.


How Can You Plan Some Healthy Moments?

You need to start thinking about the things you need to do in order to stay healthy and well. If you do not make some goals, it will be a long painful existence- especially if you do not begin an exercise plan.

Stop procrastinating and begin to do things in between the raindrops.

It is not always raining outside, and even if it is, there are such things as an umbrella to cover you from the rain.

Begin to learn about the emotional triggers that may be stopping you from a holistic plan of wellness. What is it that you need to do that will clear the way on your path? If it is the struggle you have keeping your weight down, here are a few tips on staying healthy and fit.

Holistic Ways to stay healthy in mind, body and soul:

1. Always eat mindfully. Stop speeding around eating in your car and saying that you have no time for a sit down meal. You have time. You just have to plan better. When you slow down during your meals, enjoying your food and the beauty of smaller bites, you will come around to believe that this is a good thing.

Develop a new skill set related to  not only planning when to eat, but specific menu plans for the week. Healthy recipes are everywhere. Pick up some magazines or go online and just type in healthy recipes~ you will be amazed. If you still cannot find anything to enjoy, enter my blog and click on health recipes and healthy foods in the category sectionР can help you!

2. Learn about the emotional component of eating. Stress eating and being stressed out in general can be very harmful to your healthy living goal. You need to develop ways to not only slow down your eating, but slow down your stress. Use some relaxation techniques or learn the yoga breath. Inhale for the count of 5 through your nose, your belly bellows out, and exhale for the count of 7 and your belly sinks in.

3. Are you addicted to the way you are? Are you addicted to stress? Do you like the feeling when you are all wound up in something? Have you found out that you have high blood pressure? Is it critical that you find your way toward a quieter, calm and more positive self.

Are you addicted to certain foods? Do you crave sugar or salt all the time?

If this is you, you need to start eating healthier immediately to combat those triggering moments. When you crave sugar and salt, your body is telling you that you need some protein and healthy whole foods.

4. How important is exercise to you right now? You need to develop something that you can live with. Start out slow. Walking is the safest and easiest thing to begin and all you need is a good pair of sneakers and a cardio buddy to motivate you.

5. Do you know anything about portion control? Do you know that you should eat moderately, never filling yourself up so much that you may burst!! Do you know that you should eat your largest meals earlier in the day? And if you crave something that you have to have- eat that early in the day too, so that you do not literally sleep on it!!

These healthy living tips can help you to feel better about yourself and your control of your life. Motivation, optimism and resiliency can help you with very difficult goals such as staying well.