Green is so good!

Green is so good.

Green is so good.

Seeing green things for the first time this season is amazing. The color just makes you feel so much better.

In the green of things is a way to lift your spirit and get out of the winter slump.

When I see and hear the birds singing their sweet tunes of spring, it makes me smile and remember what a beautiful world we live in.


Begin to accept the seasonal changes as a way to clear out everything. Your spring cleaning should also include your own way of ridding the toxins from your body.

Take a fast walk and sweat a bit so that you can feel cleansed this time of year. Open your windows and get outdoors to breathe in the freshness of the spring, especially in the morning dew. The sparkling dewy sweetness of the morning is a wonder.

Wear Greens

Begin to wear some spring time colors. Your mood will change and you will smile with some clothing that is just for the warmer months. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on spring time clothes. Find a thrift store. Those old fashioned clothing may be just the thing to buy. Some flowered, colorful items can lift your mood.


Get your momentum on and motivate yourself out of the slump. Challenge yourself to something new this spring. Clean out that closet you have been putting off. Paint a picture of a spring flower. Enlist a friend and begin a new ritual of walking each day and taking pictures of what springtime looks like.

Your Spirit Can make you Soar!

Your spirit needs to be balanced with some energy and pace. Practice both by doing some speedy and some slower types of exercise. Fit both yoga and running (or fast walking) into your spring planning.