Finding Ways to Stop Judging

 Do not judge

When I looked at things in life, it all seemed black and white to me but it was full of blues and greens

Just looking at things differently


A Non-judgmental Attitude

It seems that whenever a conversation comes up about something negative, the judging always begins. No one wants to talk about the bad things, therefore they become someone else’s mistake.
“I do not want to feel guilt, pain, anger, so I put it on someone else.”
“It definitely is not my fault when something bad happens.”
Practicing a non-judgmental attitude may be the most difficult skill you will ever develop.


You may  have to catch yourself doing the judging
I try to catch the negative bug it as soon as I do it so that I can work on it immediately.
I say to myself, ” I do not know why this person is making me angry, or I am taking what they say personally, but I am not here on this Earth to judge their actions or reasons why they are so negative about everything.”
You are on this Earth for a very short time, you need to find ways to stop all the judging and take a look at yourself and the direction you need to take in life.

Your first course of action should be to have a positive passion for living life in the present moment and not judging yourself or others for things that have not happened yet, or things that you would like to forget. Staying with the here and now of things seems to help with positive living. You do not have to ruminate on the past or think about the future. This kind of thinking sets you up for failure.

The Positive Person

Begin your day with your present moment and smile about what you have accomplished today. When others stir up the pot of judging the good, bad and ugly things that happen, listen, but do not contribute to the judgment of anything. We will all be judged in the end, and that will be based upon our goodness in living life to its fullest, and helping others to do the same.