In the Spring of Things


Riding a bike is so very uplifting. Your mood improves immediately!

Riding a bike is so very uplifting. Your mood improves immediately!


Spring is my favorite time of year. It motivates me to get out and do some exercise. It also gives me a lift from the sunshine. Natural Vitamin D, the best there is!

In the springtime, we dust off the cobwebs of life, and begin anew!

New beginnings help us to move toward creative times.

What would you like to do that is new and challenging this spring?

Begin your list of challenges. Maybe it is time for a weight loss challenge with a friend.  A buddy to help you on your journey through weight reduction and maintenance is an excellent way to not procrastinate on your goal. You become responsible for each other!

Changes that are good

It is getting easier to accept the changes in the weather because they are better!

In New York, we experience all the weather changes, it can be cold one day and hot the next.  And when the spring begins to bloom after a long winter hibernation, there is a need and desire to be outdoors.

The last few days have been special for me because I was able to walk in the sunlight, and even take a ride on my bike. A friend called me later in the evening and there was still enough time to take a long walk. I was  able to ride my bike to her home. What wonder there is in not using your car!

Changing your mood in the Spring of Things

In the warm weather try to help with the environment by using your car less, and riding a bike or walking.

You would not believe how good you feel after a long bike ride.

And walking is a wonder. If you can just get out once a day in the summer to soak up the sun, your mood will change. There is much evidence that natural vitamin D is the way to go with mood enhancement, so get out there and get a little sunshine.


Life is so very grand when you feel balanced and well. Balanced physically through exercise and balance in you mind and spirit through meditation, relaxation and  yoga techniques such as poses and breathing.

Become more aware of your spiritual dimension through a walk in the park, gazing at the beauty before you.