Your Road to Success


Grandma Dora, can I get better drawing pictures if I practice more?

Grandma Dora, can I get better drawing pictures if I practice more?

My granddaughter loves to draw pictures of flowers, especially this time of year. Recently, she asked me if she will get better with her artwork. I told her that practice makes perfect.
Whatever it is in life, you need to practice, practice, practice- to get to a point where you are successful and satisfied with your progress. Many people give up too soon. They have a hard time staying focused and disciplined in their goals.

I have listened to many leaders talk about discipline. And I have always felt that I have the will power and discipline to stay healthy and well. But it is hard to carry on. That sustaining factor is a problem for me. I am great at start-up, know what to do, but the staying power is difficult.

For example, most people who lose weight do not keep it off. They may get to their goal, but sustaining it becomes a problem sometimes. They may not be able to maintain because they don’t realize that it is a lifestyle change, not just losing weight. Your life has to change to a healthier one in order for you to have continuing success.

How do you build the resiliency to stick to it?

I believe that resiliency is a skill that has to be nurtured and developed. Like any other skill. The longer you sustain, the greater chance you have of making it permanent.

Like any good or bad habit, you need to practice it daily for it to stay with you. Another example is cigarette smoking. They say that it takes at least 7 time quitting for it to be permanent.

So Discipline and its lasting effect- Resiliency is built over time.

Don’t give up on yourself. If you have a goal that need attainment– write it down, follow it daily and nurture it. Do not think that you do not have to tend to it daily. A garden needs daily tending or the weeds poke through becoming stronger and stronger each day. The longer you put off weeding the more tending you have to do.


Accept that things do change. And maybe you even have to change your strategies to stay focused in you goal. On my weight loss and maintenance goal, I have to tweak it every so often. Adding different types of exercise strategies and changing my diet to a leaner one when I feel a few pounds coming on.