The puzzle pieces of life. The yin and yang of things

The puzzle pieces of life. The yin and yang of things

My goal for today: To learn something new about Yoga!

I have been learning about yoga and the many different practices. I have been intrigued by the YIN!

I try to give my students some tips, and new ideas  that may be  helpful to them.

Today I took a short course  on  the differences between, first of all, the yin and yang of things!

YANG- always fluid, active, smooth ( your muscles and your superficial  flow)  If you were to climb up a  hill to gaze at the beautiful sky in the sunshine- it would be a yang thing to do- and see.

YIN – strong, still ( your connective tissues, bones ligaments and joints) A YIN moment would be a cloudy day. You climb up the hill to see only clouds in the sky. More yin!

This yin style of yoga is sort of like the day. Cloudy and still.

At www.yinyoga.com you will find more information on yin yoga.

“Yin yoga is the yoga for your joints, not muscles.” Targeting the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones and even the joints. These are the areas that are not targeted in the more active ( yang) style of yoga.

YIN YOGA= Targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvic area and lower spine.

YANG YOGA= Dynamic and muscular, it emphasizes heat and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles.


Passive and soft, YIN yoga practice can be challenging because you stay in the asanas for extended time. You can remain in the poses for anywhere from one to twenty minutes.

My goal is to stay balanced in mind, body and soul. Yin yoga with its long poses can help me get into a meditative mood. I stay focused and still in the moment.


Taken in part from: What is Yin Yoga? at http://www.yinyoga.com