Your Personal Purpose in Life

Your personal purpose in life is to help others. So you ask- how should I help?


Building yourself

Finding out what you are good at is a great first step because you want to help others the best way you can.

Begin to focus on what you love. My passions lead me in different directions sometimes, but they always seem to bring me back to the same place.

It is like the circle of living. You keep going around until you get it right. Our spirit even stays here when we are gone spreading our passion to others. So stick to it so that you will be remembered for something that is great! Think about Einstein. We all know that he was a great inventor, but he also had so many insightful things to spread to the world.

Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.– Albert Einstein

And on the here and now of things- I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.– Albert Einstein

I will never forget the people who have brought me to this place in life with fulfilling things to do. A good example is my first creative writing teacher.

He always told me to write with a passion. It does not have to be pleasant writings all the time. But you do have to write from the heart.

Your special meaningful place in life is wherever you what it to be. Mine is write here at the computer writing motivating prose and poetry.

Here is one of my first poems:

I keep Trying

I keep trying

But it is hard to be  good at everything

And just when I feel like giving up,

A thought comes to my mind.

A memory of a time and place

When I could not tie my shoe

And then this spark in side of me

Says there is no way you can lose

The positive person believes in themselves. They know that everything comes and goes in life. The good and bad all shall pass!