Finding Ways to Feel Good

When the sun is with us, be thankful. It is time to get outdoors.

When the sun is with us, be thankful. It is time to get outdoors.


I was in California a few months ago, and it is so very different from New York that the differences made it intriguing. I had not been on the West Coast in many years, and I saw both the good and bad weather. It was cooler than I expected, but when the sun came out it just didn’t matter, it made me feel better in mind, body and spirit.

Finding something to do that makes you feel good inside and out is a good goal. Your inner being is your spirit which also needs to be tended to.

Finding Your Balance

You may have to explore to find activities that balance you.

Yoga is a good example. You look inside your inner being, but you also go outside to stand strong in your outer being. You check with your breathing to slow it down and decrease your anxiety. Yoga has an amazing way of truly centering your entire being.


Exercise may be a good idea

We all have our excuses for not exercising. I don’t have enough time. It is too cold outside. I am too tired today. I believe that if you find something that you really like to do, then you will do it.

I really enjoy walking, therefore I do not need to be pushed to take a walk. An extra bonus is when I have someone to walk with. Taking a walk with another person really motivates.

You may even have some competition which can be helpful in your quest to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.