Staying Power


What makes you go on when there are obstacles?

You are the only one to make your path a positive adventure

You are the only one to make your path a positive adventure

What is your greatest achievement in life?

Do you just go on auto and fend off the difficult times in your life?

Why do some of us have more reserve than others?


Resiliency means that you are strong even when you feel a bit broken inside!

I have come to believe that resiliency has to be developed, and we better start now with children. Building strong kids means making them understand that things do not just come to you.



You have to work for what you need and want out of life

Farming is a great example because farmers do not reap the kudos that a CEO of a company does, but they plug along for the love of farming, and for the love of helping others stay healthy.

Meaning and Purpose in Life

I believe that my most meaningful activities in life are those that can help someone else. Every Tuesday I run a group that has a focus of weight reduction and learning how to eat healthy. We ponder on labeling and ask each other for helpful tips on what they do to stay healthy and well.

Another activity that I do at least 2 times a week is teach yoga. Both yoga and my healthy living class have a few things in common for me. I do them because they help others. I also think it may help me too! Both weight reduction and dealing with stress in life have been my 2 greatest difficulties.

Now, I can pass on information to others that may help them, as it has helped me. I have found 2 meaningful things that I am very passionate about. And I am still looking for more passionate things to do. I am keeping a list of things that I want to accomplish before I die.

1. Teach others how to stay healthy

2. Pass my knowledge on nutrition forward through blogging and speaking

3. Write a book: Staying Well and Resilient

Finding Your Passion

If you find something that you are passionate about, you will be an expert at it with some practice. Enjoying what you are passionate about is more important that how much money you make. But wouldn’t it be grand if you could have both? I guess if you become an expert at something – people will seek you out. And even if you do not become a star, everyone will think you are.

Back to Resiliency

So how can we pass on a vague concept such as Resiliency? The only way  I can think that it can be passed along is through example.

We all have to find ways to emulate a resilient person who is strong in mind, body and spirit. Good luck!!