Getting Through Life During The Holidays

There is spirit in horses

There is spirit in horses. Where is your spirit during the holidays?


Holiday Memories

Many people suffer during the holidays for different reasons.

Some have had some recent losses and the holidays can bring a flood of memories back to the surface.  Being alone may be another reason for some people’s sadness during the holidays. Maybe life used to be filled with children running around in their fancy Easter Bonnets, dresses and suits. I remember as a child wearing the funniest hats. Colorful bonnets and fancy dresses! These are my good memories. Looking for my Easter Basket was also a challenge as a child. My parents were good at hiding things.


What Do I do Today?

Today is different for me. I made an Easter Basket up for my grand daughter a few days ago because she was going to her other grandmas for Easter. It was fun, but I was a little disappointed that I would not be with her on Easter. Today, we have to share our holidays with others! When I was a child, that would not have happened. We would have just invited everyone- even people that we may not care much for! Easter was a special religious holiday that brought everyone together.

The Extended Family

This extended family tradition does not exist today. Today we are all nuclear families- just the kids and the parents. No grandma or grandpa living with us! Hardly anyone I know has extended family members living with them. If this still existed it would help so much with child care. My grandma used to live with us, so she was the built in sitter whenever my mom had to go somewhere.  Is it  time to go back to the way it used to be?

Making Some Changes

It seems that holidays are not working out anymore. This separateness can be lonely  for many people. If your parents or other relatives and friends live alone, they may need your coaxing to get them going to your house during the holidays.

What if you leave someone out that really needs to be somewhere for the holidays?

We better start making a list every holiday to make sure that someone out there that we care about is not left out!!

Spending Time With Children to Help them Build Memories

I find that spending time with young people really brings me back to my own youth. During the Easter Season, my dad always had an Easter Egg Hunt in his yard. He was very secretive about where the eggs would be hid, so he hid them very early in the morning. There was a ten dollar bill in one of the, so it really sent us looking. This ritual will always be remembered. Mainly because I still cannot believe how much time and effort that my dad put into Easter hunts every year. He also invited a lot of kids so that he would see children running in his yard looking for the eggs. He hid about 100 eggs. All had money in them. Just the thought that just one had a 1o dollar bill in it sent us soaring to find as many as possible.

Maybe it is time for you to start a tradition in your family.