This Time of Year Is For Giving

Grandma Dora and Olivia's garden flowers.

Grandma Dora and Olivia’s garden flowers.



The Universe operates through an exchange of giving and receiving. This flow of energy helps us to gain a positive balance in our mind, body and spirit. Dr. Deepak Chopra is his book, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, explains how we have to be will to give that which we seek in order to receive.

Giving and Receiving

I believe that giving is so profound. When you give, you receive so very much in life. This circle of life is something that needs to be nourished. Our world operates through this exchange. It is a harmony that we feel every single time that we are giving and loving to others.

Even in our interactions with others, a giving, loving persona helps others, and this in return helps us to feel good inside.

On Relationships

Every relationship has its gives and takes.  This flow of energy is always the same, whether we are giving or receiving.

The more giving you are, the more you will eventually receive from this flow through the universe.

Sometimes you may say to yourself, “I have been giving so much, when is it my turn to receive?” There needs to be patience in our flow through life.

Creating Happiness

Your intention of being giving should always be to create happiness and love for others. The return for you will be directly proportional to the giving when you give unconditionally from the heart. It must be sincere giving and receiving.


That is why the act of giving needs to be done with joy in your heart.

Joy is such a profound word. When was the last time you truly felt joy when you did something for someone? I can immediately think of my grand daughter. She was at my house, full of joy and happiness.

We sat for hours just drawing flowers, but they had to be perfect, “perfect for my teacher because she loves flowers” I said, “The only perfect flowers are in the garden, and they have not blossomed yet.”

” So grandma Dora, I guess we have to spend a lot of time on these.”

And we did.

That was my joy. Giving my time to my grand daughter.

Taken in part from: Chopra, D. (1994) The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. San Rafael, CA. Amber-Allen Publishing