Don’t Let Time Slip By

This old barn holds many memories

This old barn holds many memories


Healthy Reminiscing

Some people live in the past, some in the present moment and others in the future.

I find that the here and now is the best place to be.


Reality of Aging

I love to reminisce, but I am trying  to stay in the present and do my best to accomplish some of the things that I want to do.


The older we get, the less time there is to get things done, so planning now makes sense.

Quality of Life
It is a reality that sets in probably around 50 years old. You know that more than half of your life is over because most of us do not reach 100 years old. There are some statistics out there that say they we are going to live longer than we think, and hopefully that will be with a good quality of life.
The quality of your life is  more important than how long you live. Do not let the time slip by and not complete some of the things that you really want to do while you still have the chance.
Aging is something that we cannot change, but we can change what we are doing with our lives.
I find that volunteering or trying out new work experiences has enhanced my life. This week I am going to paint again. Have not had much inspiration regarding my artistic self lately, so I will move on into colorful living without the inspiration to guide me.
What is it that you want to do?
Is it traveling or exploring some education goals?
Whatever it is, do not allow it to pass you by like the wind.

Stay on the positive side of life

Even with all the bad things that seem to happen on a daily basis, stay with the positive moments in life. Talking to a friend, saying hello to someone on the street, listening to soft music, petting your cat; all of these positive moments can guide you toward a more pleasant life.