Strength Through Changes


Add a walk to your day and find your path through life.

Add a walk to your day and find your path through life.



When you feel the weakest you are about to grow. Sometimes early in the spring when it is still cold here on the East Coast, we dread the weather because we want it to be warmer. Take whatever comes your way, and be thankful that you are here. The weather may not be exactly what you want, be you are here today. Be thankful and grateful for that.

The moment when you think that things cannot grow any dimmer, a light comes through the window, shining on you.



Change yourself

No one wants to change. Status quo is such a comfortable way to be. No changes, no stress, just the sameness as the clock ticks on. Maybe things not changing can also be a change.

Maybe not wanting to change means that someone will change it for you if you do not make the adjustments yourself.

We age, and we cannot change that… But you can change the here and now.

No one wants this to happen…

The years just flew by, and I forgot to make the adjustments that I needed to in order to thrive through my old age.

I did not want to take that walk everyday so that my muscles and bones stayed strong.

I did not want to change my diet, and now I am so overweight that I can barely move.

The years flew by and now I am too sick to do the things that I wanted to do.

This is your new mantra…

I will go outdoors everyday to explore nature, and feel the strength of my body.

I will change my diet to a healthier one, filled with lots of fruits and