A healthy aging process

Staying as healthy as I can throughout my life

As I age, I want to be like this strong tree. Sturdy and flexible.

As I age, I want to be like this strong tree. Sturdy and flexible.


I want to have a healthy aging process.

I want to grow old gracefully,  and when it is time for me to go~ I want to do it walking and talking.

Therefore, I have decided not to accept the aging process. I will continue on my merry path of healthy living in mind, body and spirit. You can too, with a few changes.




Do you have to accept the changes in your body?

As you grow older, your body starts to change. You may be too accepting of  the fact that there is a little more of you around the middle – but do you have to accept this? Some people believe that you are supposed to grow heavier and softer as you age. This theory is not true.
At any age, you can shake off some of the pounds and percentage of fat that you have.

Diet, Exercise and a Positive Attitude
The first thing to do is change your diet to a healthier one. More veggies, more fruit, less white stuff such as white bread, white rice, pastries etc. Less meat, more fish. Cook with healthy grains such as amaranth, millet, barley, they fill you up.

For exercise, you can start off slow, you do not have to join a gym, you can just start your own walking program. Walk with a friend who also needs to get going!
My walk turned into a fast walk and then a jog.

Now I sprint- walk, walk fast, and then jog just for a few minutes- and then repeat.

The Positive Person

Studies have found that the optimistic person is not only happier than the pessimist, he or she lives longer!
For healthy living, you also need  to develop a  healthy attitude.

Yoga helps with my attitude, gives me a center and balance, and makes my attitude more positive.

Take up an alternative modality such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, they are all helpful to the mind, body and soul.
Do not accept the changes in your body that may be slowing you down.

There are many studies out there that confirm that you can build muscle at any age. So turn some of that extra weight you have into muscle. Stretch in yoga poses and become more flexible and strong.