Flaws: Everyone and Every thing Seems to Have Some

Even though nature may seem perfect at times, it too has some fatal flaws that we can see. Weather is a good example.

Even though nature may seem perfect at times, it too has some fatal flaws that we can see. Weather is a good example.



Why can’t we be perfect?

When you think about it, everything has its flaws. Those slight cracks that open wide on some things that we thought were sound, like the floor boards in your hardwood floor.

What about people?

Do they have flaws that you can live with? Or are there things about some people that you struggle with?



Knowing your own Flaws
When you get to know yourself, do you also get to know the things that you may not be able to change?

When you begin to accept that everything in life has its cracks and broken parts, life becomes easier, and you do not have to fix everything.

Struggling less

When you figure out that there are some things you can change and some things that you cannot change, this can be a real eye opener.

When you do not struggle with trying to make things in life perfect, life seems simpler and more balanced.

My Flaws

I know that I have some flaws that I work on, but I do not focus my life trying to get rid of every thing that I think may be a flaw. When you know your  limitations and cracks, you can actually learn about yourself more. For example- I tend to be unorganized and I am always trying to fix it. I struggle with it at times, but then I think- so what! As long as I can find what I need to find in a reasonable amount of time- I may struggle a little, but until I struggle a lot, I probably won’t change.

The Things that Have Flaws

Look at nature and its beauty. When the weather turns bad and trees end up on the ground we do not say, how can we put it back together-stand those trees back where they were?

We just plant more trees and start over. Many people who have had loses due to the weather, rebuild on the same spot, hoping that nature does not strike in the same place again. Just like they say that lightening does not strike in the same place!

So should you plant some new ideas?

Maybe you should go with the flow of things and do new things that you know will satisfy you and your desires. Many people struggle with learning new things. Maybe it is time to just tweak what you already know. Get better at being a parent. Write a book, if you already journal daily. Become a more positive person with a better than average attitude!

Expand yourself. Learn more about what you already know. This may help you to close a few of those cracks in the sidewalk of life.