Open your door to the possibilities. See what your old self has to tell your new silent and centered self.

Open your door to the possibilities. See what your old self has to tell your new silent and centered self.



Open Your Door To A New Awareness

It seems to me that I function better in mind, body and spirit when I have quiet in my life.

Years ago, a friend invited me to a silent retreat. She was not only my friend at the time, but she also supervised me as a nurse and group therapist.
She was one of the few people in my life at the time that  seemed centered and balanced. She spoke in a quiet tone, slowly and softly as if she was whispering some kind words for you to hear. Just listening to her calmed me down!

She said she wanted to invite people who she felt were spiritual.

It felt like an honor.
When I got there, it was at a small cottage in the middle of nowhere, and she said that we would speak only at breakfast, again at lunch and dinner. The rest of the day was in silence.


Her husband had many things prepared for us on the trails of the cottage.

He even had signs leading us to many meeting places where we could just relax, meditate, and sit near each other if we chose to.
We were all told before the retreat to bring a journal so that we could write about our experience of stillness and silence. It was the best experience of my life. At first I thought it would be difficult, but it was not. I loved spending most of the day with myself in silence, writing down my thoughts and inspiration, or not doing… Not talking makes you sink into your soul. Especially when it is all day.

And today I feel that the many benefits of meditation are amazing. It can open you up to new possibilities. Your health can be affected by many stressful happenings, and if you learn how to quiet not only your mind, but your body, you can slow down everything including your heart.

Silence is Golden

Because of silence, my mind, body and soul it open to speaking to me internally, telling me how to stay centered, balanced and grounded to the Earth.

When you have time to just be with yourself and no one else, you have to listen to your internal being. You can lift your own spirit and sour.