Detachment: Finding ways To Meditate

Soon spring will be upon us, and we will see and hear the beauty of the singing birds.

Soon spring will be upon us, and we will see and hear the beauty of the singing birds.



Finding ways to be still

The most difficult part of my yoga practice is finding ways to be still in my mind body and spirit. In Dr. Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he talks about being detached.

Letting Go
Let go of the things in your head that keep you from being calm and centered.

Let go of the physical things too that may be getting in your way.
If your goal is to be at peace with yourself, you have to practice just being… not asking questions of what is before you, just being able to sit and watch things come and go without your reaction or point of view. Turning into your inner self, and not asking questions on your next step.


We do not have to give up our desire for things, we just need to give up being attachment to what the results may be.

Go with the flow of what you do have before you, and in your meditative practice, just be with you.

Your breath, your stillness in mind body and soul is being with your Self.

Remember that the moment you let go, you will have what you desire.  Learning how to fulfill your needs is based on detachment and the power of your true self.

When I let go I begin to receive what I need.

The power of Least Effort

True wealth is the ability to have with you want and need, while not having to work too hard at getting it.

To really get what you want, you need to be grounded in your own security. You truly believe in yourself — and you believe that there is wisdom in the uncertainty of things.

Dr. Chopra believes that even attachment to money is a sign of your own insecurity. Many people chase money their entire lives, only to find that this insecurity has brought them unhappiness.

When you search for security, you become more and more insecure.

Begin to let go of the illusion of security in life and give up your attachments.

Every single day of your life, you can celebrate by knowing that there is uncertainty in everything that you do. Every moment can be filled with excitement, adventure and creativity.

No one needs to know with certainty what is their next step. Be happy with the uncertainly of living life without attachment to things.

Taken in part from: Chopra, D.( 1994) The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. San Rafael, CA. Amber- Allen Publishing.