Listen to the Chimes of Life



Chimes are so soothing , They capture everyone's attention,

Chimes are so soothing, they capture everyone’s attention.


What has sparked your interest lately?

Do you have  a special need to do something exciting, or are you just bored of how your life is going?

Then it may be time to make some changes.

Wake up and smell the coffee, or hear the gentle sound of the chimes in your yard on a cool spring morning. Whatever it is that wakes you up, go with it!



So many people speak on motivation and how  to become motivated in order to make the needed changes in life. But the bottom line–  if you do not have a desire to change, you probably will not make any changes.

Seeking out Some Interesting Experiences

I  try to seek out changes just for variety sake.

I get sick and tired of ” the same old thing.”

I need changes in my life just to get through the days. Whatever you have to do– shake it up- challenge yourself, do something that you always wanted to do!

First you may really need to focus on what your desire is. What is it that sparks your interest?

If you do not have a goal, or it is not specific enough, you probably will not reach it. So write it down, post it where you can see it every day, and soon it will be yours.

Challenging and Fun

Life is full of challenges.

Get  others involved in your desires. For example, I have started a few new things this year. Salesmanship is one of them. This one is very difficult for me because I do not like to sell things to others, but on the up side– it really challenges me to do my best at something hard. Challenging yourself can be fun. Even if you fail. Failing is a learning experience too.

When something comes too easy – it will not last. So get involved in something that really stretches you!!