Time to Be on the Positive Side of Life

The beauty of nature can be so uplifting.

The beauty of nature can be so uplifting.



How To Be More Positive

You may think it is a forced fit to become more positive, but the optimistic person not only is happier than the pessimist, he or she also lives longer.

It seems fitting that people who are friendlier, smile more, and are just easier to be around should live longer, happier lives.

Your time has come, even if you have to pretend to be happy at first, it will come to you.



You will be whatever you set out to be

Your persona becomes one that others seek out if you are happy and content with life. The beauty of nature is more profound for you, you gaze at it daily. The colors surround and embrace you as you walk the path of you life.

You live with peace in your soul, and love in your heart. Guiding others to the same path.

You are on good terms with everyone and speak only the truth. It is true that the truth sets you free.

In the Moment

Do not allow things to stress you out. Be in the moment of things, and use self-calming techniques to guide you when you feel disappointed, angry or upset.

Remember the breath, slow it down, breathe deep and slow at your heart’s center and know that even with all the confusion, negativity, drudgery of life, the world is a good place to be.

There are so many happy moments to treasure and remember throughout your life. Make your moments happy. Be content with what comes before you, and if not, find positive ways to counter discontentment.

Help others to find their way toward happiness and love of life. Let your spirit soar, your mind enrich and your body flow as you dance and sing  through each day.


Strive to be happy!