The Change of Time


Begin to see the light. The timing is perfect, and you can reach to the sky.

Begin to see the light. The timing is perfect, and you can reach to the sky.

Embracing Change

The change of time is upon us.

We will move the clocks forward this week and reap the benefit of more daylight.

Moving toward the spring and summer months where we can be outdoors longer and benefit from the longer days of summer.

Changes in our Lives

I believe that this is the perfect time for some other changes in our lives. We can make a list of what we need to change right now, and work on them throughout the spring and summer.



If you have a health and wellness goal planned, you will have no excuses for getting outdoors and perhaps riding that bike that has cobwebs on it right now.

A Chinese Saying from an unknown author inspired me this morning: You must know that you can swim through every tide and change of time

Eastern Philosophy can guide you through some stressful times, giving you moments to just think intently about what you just read. The tide changes, you change, but you are still there moving with the flow of things.


I believe that it is good to make changes, and it would be great if the changes were instantaneous, and not painful, but changes that are powerful and lasting, can have some pain.

The old adage, no pain, no gain is true in the flow of things!

My change this month is to find some more meaningful things to do. I like to volunteer or just find ways to help people that struggle with difficulties in their lives. I may not always be as helpful as I would like to be, but I always offer a hand to others who struggle with life.

Centering and Balancing Can Decrease the Stress in you Life

Just Breathe

If you struggle with some anxiety in your life today, try some centering activities to guide you through the day.

If you find that you are breathing in short breaths, and feel anxious. Begin to watch your breathing, slowing it down. Look down at your heart center, place your hands there, and press on your breastbone for a few seconds, and breathe in- and breathe out— very slowly.

Just this one breath can center you for the moment. Practice breathing exercises daily, and your anxiety will be diminished.


If you feel that you need more than just a moment in time, try some grounding exercises. Stand straight as you can, arms at sides, shoulders up and back. Just stand there for a few moments and ground your feet into the Earth. Feel that you are strong and centered . Do this every time you feel anxious.